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Solid-Surface Countertops

InteriorWorx Countertops is one of the largest fabricators of solid-surface countertops in Utah, Idaho, and the surrounding area. We have over 4,000 square feet allocated to solid-surface production alone. We work with residential and a large number of commercial customers.


Versatile and Practical

With the rise of contemporary design, InteriorWorx Countertops has seen a resurgence in popularity of solid-surface countertops. Solid surface has the unique ability to be “thermoformed,” or custom sculpted to a project’s specific dimensions and design needs. InteriorWorx’s solid-surface countertops feature a variety of edge treatments, inlays, and integrated sinks. InteriorWorx is also one of the few fabricators in Utah able to provide thin-surface translucence, a popular finish, on solid-surface furniture and fixtures.

For our commercial customers, InteriorWorx has provided solid-surface countertops for reception desks in medical and legal offices, countertops for bank tellers, transaction surfaces for gas stations and convenience stores, and other customized products.

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